BioModem participates as a partner in the project MILLOPRECISO Precision Agriculture with corn in Galicia


BioModem participates as a partner in the project MILLOPRECISO Precision Agriculture with corn in Galicia

The project focuses on the development of precision agriculture in Galicia in corn, an agricultural technique that allows efficient management of resources, improving crop productivity. It is proposed to develop a yield mapping procedure that debugs the errors that appear in the raw data recorded by self-propelled forage harvesters. With the proper treatment of the information, it will be possible to generate a greater added value when using the yield maps to optimize the doses of sowing and fertilizers in the cultivation of corn in Galicia. By analyzing the quality of the data obtained by the machines, a processing method will be established to filter them and obtain maps that can be used to improve the efficiency of the forage maize production system in Galicia.


• Make available to farmers a new reliable procedure for decision-making in the cultivation of corn, using crop yield maps to improve the environmental and economic sustainability of dairies.

• Preparation of improved plot yield maps, purging the raw information collected by the harvesters. For this, the systematic and random errors that are detected will be eliminated and a protocol will be established to carry out this information processing.

• Introduce in Galicia the technology required to be able to document in a georeferenced way the production of fodder maize from a plot in real time. Check its correct operation and train the operators for its use in the plots of the farmers.

• Use the information from the yield maps obtained by the harvesters to optimize the planting and fertilization operations of the forage corn plots.


Expected results

 Elaboration of a protocol to clean raw data of yield maps of the corn crop set up.

 Reliable corn crop yield maps for use in crop management.

 Precision agriculture technology to be able to prepare yield maps of harvesters for farmers available in Galicia. Operators trained for its practical use on farms.

 Optimization of sowing and fertilization operations of forage corn plots, based on the information from the yield maps obtained.

 Guide to good practices for making prescription maps.



Marcos Otero S.L. (representative)

Livestock Francisco López Pena

University of Santiago de Compostela through the BioModem Group




€180,000 Grant €180,000 75% EAFRD

This project is financed by grants for the execution of projects from the operational groups of the European Innovation Association (AEI), co-financed with the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development (EAFRD) within the framework of the Rural Development Program (PDR) of Galicia 2014-2020. The Consellería do Medio Rural is the body of the Galician Administration that is responsible for proposing and executing the general guidelines in the rural area, and encompasses the competences in matters of agriculture, livestock, rural development and regional planning, rural structures, agri-food industries and forestry, mountains, prevention and defense of forest fires.


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