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BioMODEM (GI-1720), part of USC,  focuses its research on smart farming and sustainable development of the rural areas.

BioMODEM has been conducting its research since 1996 with the aim to give service to the agroforestive productive framework with a local, national and international scope. BioMODEM introduces itself as a group with great potential for growth which can give solutions to actual problems in agricultural, forestry and livestock production. This multidisciplinary research group gives a whole view of the agroforestry management and its transformation under the perspective of the circular bioechonomy. It has a commitment with sustainability, efficiency and new technology implementation in order to improve them using the knowledge obtained from research. BioMODEM conducts several research lines that can be grouped into modelling, energy and mechanization.


BioMODEM - Biosystems Engineering
Universidade de Santiago de Compostela - Escola Politécnica Superior de Enxeñaría
R/ Benigno Ledo, Campus Terra · 27002 Lugo · (España)
Telf: +34 982 823 304 · E-mail:

Website funded by Consellería de Educación, Universidade e Formación Profesional through its grants program for the structuring and settlement of competitive research units as well as other promotion actions inside the Galician universitary system, and more specifically, through the program aimed for groups with potential for growth inside the Galician university system. Funded also by Consellería de Economía, Emprego e Industria (RESOLUTION 14th December 2018). BioMODEM has been appointed as “Group with Potential for Growth” by Xunta de Galicia since 2008.

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